Hazy blue skies.

© 2018 Basil. All rights reserved.

A pano shot from my iPhone somewhere in the Dutch farmlands. Picture taken April 2018 with my iPhone, somewhere in a Dutch “polder”.

High Above The Clouds

© 2018 Basil. All rights reserved.

Clouds from above, slightly enhanced with a colour filter. Picture taken November 2014 from an airplane  flying above the North Sea.

Light Bridge To The Sky

© 2018 Basil. All rights reserved.

The Øresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark, lighting up a clouded sky. Picture taken Jan. 16, 2012 on the Swedish side of the Øresundsbron, Väster/Malmö.

Memories in the air.

Memories in the air. © 2014 Basil. All rights reserved.

Came across this while looking for something else. Hope you like it as much as I do. Picture taken April 20, 2013 in Newcastle.